Adventure Iran Tour & Travel Company

Adventure Iran (AI) is the incoming tour operations division of Caravan Kooch Tour & Travel Company, doing business since 2006. Caravan Kooch Tour & Travel is a fully licensed tour operator under the official Iranian Government’s Iran Touring & Tourism Organization (ITTO) strict licensing guidelines and requirements. The License Number is 902/126-21007

In Addition, Caravan Kooch is a member of Tehran Tour and Travel Agencies Association (membership #458) which is the main governing body and trade association in the industry.

Adventure Iran is a specialized tour operating company and was formed by founders who ‎have had a varied mix of experiences in this field working from Iran, South East Asia, Himalaya and North America, ‎but are presently all based in Iran. The company is part of a larger Travel Organization ‎called Caravan Kooch Tour & Travel Agency which is focused on providing a variety of travel experiences ‎for Iranians and non-Iranians living in the country. The main web site for Caravan Kooch is which is in Persian and is designed mostly for domestic ‎customers offering tours inside the country and to a variety of places in the wider world. ‎ 

From the time of its inception, the company has strived to offer interesting, fun and innovative journeys specifically designed for the international market and have succeeded in doing so with a growing satisfied customer base. We have focused on offering innovative tours that continue to be new and different, opening up locations and subject matter that were not on the menus of other operators. We have emphasized showcasing the breathtaking variety of the Iranian landscape, its incredibly friendly and welcoming people, and its historical heritage; focusing on natural and cultural aspects of the country.

From the beginning the company has had a long term vision and a business plan that would focus on the following:

In conclusion our ultimate reward by doing all the behind the scenes hard work, is to see people come together in a joyful and happy environment; make new friends and learn new things about themselves and the country. Nothing is more satisfactory than seeing a lot of happy faces, many smiles and hopes for a better and more joyful tomorrow where people’s traditions for love, respect and preservation of their lands is appreciated.